Circuit Room

The new Circuit Training room at Dakotah! Sport and Fitness features ten Lifefitness machines which provide a whole body workout. Arms and upper body are worked out with the Lat pulldown, Chest press, Seated row, Shoulder press, Bicep curl, and Tricep press. Legs and the lower body are worked out with the Squat, Seated leg curl, and Leg extension. For the abdominal muscles, there’s the Ab crunch machine.

Members set the resistance on the first machine which they then use as a gauge for the rest of the circuit. A beep indicates when it is time to begin each exercise. Sixty seconds is allotted per machine with 20 seconds in between each to recover. One time around the circuit takes 13 minutes.

Circuit Room Instructions

  1. All participants start at machine number 1 (squat) and work their way around in order to machine number 10 (abdominal).
  2. To select your resistance, pull all weight pins OUT. Starting at the left, press in the desired amount of resistance.
  3. The resistance you set on the first machine works as a gage for the rest of the equipment. If you are a 4 on the first machine, chances are you are a 4 on the rest of the circuit.
  4. To complete the exercise, wait for the beep that indicates the start of the 60-second work phase. Begin performing the exercise at a slow, controlled pace (about 3-4 seconds up and 3-4 seconds down). Continue lifting until the 60 seconds is complete and you hear a tone.
  5. You have 20 seconds to recover, move to the next piece of equipment and set your resistance. Do not panic if you are not ready to begin exercise at the tone, you will become more proficient as you get more familiar with the room.
  6. Continue around the circuit your desired amount of times. One time around the circuit = 13 minutes.
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