Welcome to the Skate Dakotah! program.

Our instructors tailor group lessons to the individual skater’s needs. After an on-ice assessment during initial lessons, each skater is placed in the most appropriate class available. Here, the instructor teaches elements of skating appropriate for the class skill level.

Skaters earn badges as they complete each set of skills. Each class level requires completion of several badges, so classes must be taken more than once. Skills taught in each class build on skills learned previously. The curriculum is designed to allow the skater to achieve one badge at each session skated. Our goal is for skaters to have fun while learning to skate in a safe and pleasant environment.


Matt Mathiasen 952.496.6864
Kate Shurts 952.496.6868



*Free skate rental is included in the fee for all lessons. Skaters are encouraged to wear a helmet during lessons (helmets are not provided by Dakotah! Sport and Fitness). Please dress your child warmly in a coat and gloves.