April 2, 2020 Member Spotlights
  • Why did you join Dakotah! Sport and Fitness?
    Since I work for the Gaming Enterprise, it is very convenient to use the facility, but I was a member before we moved to Texas and would have joined again either way.
  • How long have you been a member?
    Three years, this time around.
  • What do you like best about Dakotah! Sport and Fitness?
    I enjoy attending the group fitness classes, but it is great that there are so many other options available, too. I also appreciate that the staff is always friendly and accommodating.
  • What area(s) of the club do you use?
    I generally attend classes or play racquetball, but my family frequently uses the pool and weight room as well.
  • What are your fitness or health goals and how is Dakotah! Sport and Fitness helping you attain them?
    Trying to fit a workout in while managing life can be challenging, but with the class schedule at Dakotah! Sport and Fitness, I am able to get a nice mix of activities without taking time away from other priorities. Plus, we have a great group for the noon classes and that really pushes me to keep coming back.
  • Any tips for current or prospective members?
    Try something different; you might like it!
  • Do you have a personal motto you’d like to share?
    We are all a work in progress.