November 1, 2022 Member Spotlights
  • Why did you join Dakotah! Sport and Fitness?
    So that I could bring my grandkids swimming.
  • How long have you been a member?
    Since 2012 but I was coming as a guest playing racquetball.
  • What do you like best about Dakotah! Sport and Fitness?
    I really enjoy the classes and the great trainers.
  • What area(s) of the club do you use?
    All of them!
  • What are your fitness or health goals and how is Dakotah! Sport and Fitness helping you attain them?
    My goal is to stay healthy enough to keep playing with my grandkids because I'm just a big kid at heart.
  • Any tips for current or prospective members?
    Try everything and find what you like, there are lots of choices.
  • Do you have a personal motto you’d like to share?
    Stay young in the mind and heart.