October 5, 2021 News

As we begin to say goodbye to another year, we begin to set new health goals for ourselves. It might feel like you need to make changes to your physical and mental health once the clock strikes midnight but focusing on the process and not solely the outcome will bring more noticeable and sustainable results. Follow these four tips for setting reachable health goals as we head into the new year:

Focus On How You Want To Feel

It can be easy to get caught up in the numbers when creating goals. How many pounds do you want to lose? How many reps do you want to complete? How many days per week do you want to be at the gym? Redirecting that focus toward how you want to feel will make working out and self-care activities seem less like chores. Try asking how confident or how strong you want to feel instead—the rest will follow!

Remind Yourself of Your “Why”

We all have our reasons for setting goals. These reasons, or “whys,” give us the momentum that we often need to keep going. Your “why” might be completely different from your workout partner’s “why,” but they keep you both on track to achieving a goal. One way you can remind yourself of your “why” is by journaling. If you want to run a 5K in a few months, write down why that goal is important to you and how it will make a difference in your life. You can also write these affirmations on sticky notes and leave them places you will see them often, like the fridge or your laptop.

Schedule Time

Even if you are not the planning type, setting up a schedule can motivate you to prioritize your health. If you treat gym workouts and self-care activities like you would a work meeting or other important event, you will be more likely to participate. Try scheduling workouts in your calendar at the beginning of each week instead of just planning to head to the gym whenever you are free.

Move Your Body

Even if you don’t have time to make it to the gym each day, you can still move your body. Making simple changes like taking the stairs or parking farther away from the store will allow you to get your body moving without a lot of time commitment.